Volunteering at JLBG

For nearly 30 years, JLBG has relied on a loyal staff of volunteers who regularly assist the JLBG staff with maintaining and tending the display and research collections.

If you love to feel your hands in rich garden soil, be serenaded by birdsong, and experience the peaceful, grounded energy of plants, please consider devoting several hours a week to joining the JLBG volunteer staff. JLBG volunteers assist the JLBG staff as they plant, tend, mulch, and care for JLBG's unique, rare, and native plantings.

JLBG is home to more than 23,000 taxa (different plants) collected in partnerships from around the world and is likely the largest and most diverse collection of taxa on display in the US.

Volunteering is a rewarding and intimate opportunity to learn and experience why JLBG is a global destination of serious gardeners and expert plantsmen.

And to sweeten the volunteering offer, JLBG's garden cats are likely to assist and entertain you while you work!

For more information, contact JLBG at (919) 772-4794 or email volunteer@jlbg.org.